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The world of Crypto Currencies is enabling a massive redistribution of wealth that can no longer be ignored.  Between May and November of 2017, countless people became millionaires from the rise in value of Bitcoin, which has become by far the most valuable currency in the world.

But, Bitcoin, in it’s 9 year run, is just the clarion call for the Crypto Currency Boom. As the Crypto world emerges from its infancy, new crypto companies are emerging as heavy hitters. One in particular has created a brilliant, egalitarian approach to creating a beautiful crypto future:  USI-Tech.

USI-Tech started in fall 2016, the next evlution of a successful high-net-worth automated Forex Trading company. Although USI-Tech started with a flawed business model, it presented a restructure in October 2017 that outlines a visionary, game-changing business and has since proven it’s commitment to becoming a leader in the crypto currency universe.

As with every company, it’s vital to understand the value of the offering. There are several impressive factors which give this company exceptional value.

First, USI-Tech ‘s iconic “BTC Packages” are a compound interest 50-euro investment vehicle that allow users an exceptional degree of flexibility. Earning ~1% compound interest every weekday, these packages offer a 40% Return on Capital (ROC) in about 140 days.  If the user re-invests their ROC, they will have a double compounding effect that multiplies their bitcoin.

Second, with the addition of Evan Ahern as its CTO, USI-Tech is making a bold, courageous move by implementing “Fusion Energy,”  a combination of Hydrogen split from water and Magnetic (free) Energy into the mining process. If you’re not familiar with Free Energy, it’s been around for many decades and is available in many countries around the world (Canada, India, the Phillipines) but has been suppressed in the US.

The courage to apply Free Energy to the mining process is one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of humanity, and in my opinion, gives this company the most exceptional value of all.

Energy consumption has been a contentious issue with the mining process – it currently costs $1000 in electricity to mine one bitcoin…. so what’s happening here is that USI-Tech is literally forcing the evolution into free energy. This technology reduces energy consumption by 90+%, is patented, and is being leased to other mining operations around the world.

The cherry on top is that USI-Tech has ALSO innovated a way to capture the heat created in the mining process and turn it back into usable electricity!

Second, USI-Tech is in the initial stages of deploying a fleet of 1.5 million crypto ATMS that will exchange crypto currency for fiat, and vice versa. This will enable access to cryptos on a grand scale and this building out of the infrastructure will speed up the acceptance and usage of crypto currency.

There are many other factors that give this company it’s value – a major mining operation for Bitcoin, Ethereum, the Tech Coin ICO, and much more besides. They are currently in pre-ICO for the Tech Coin, which can be purchased for as little as 3 cents… and will be offered to the general public at 1 euro at the ICO.

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After the launch of the Tech Coin ICO in mid 2018, expectations are for an astronomical rise in value due to the company positioning itself as the dominant player in the emerging world of crypto currency and it’s commitment to Fusion Energy.

The Tech Coin is backed by an exceptional team and visionary company that’s looking to take the USI-Tech to IPO in 2019… so these two years, until about 2020, are an exceptional opportunity for creating a lifetime of wellth.

Ralf Gold is one of the founders of USI-Tech , and Mike Keifer is involved in marketing. Listen to them talk about their vision in November 2017:

As a member of USI-Tech (there are already 500,000+ members around the world just after 1 year of operations), you can purchase their BTC Mining packages, or TechCoin Token packages, and never engage with the affiliate marketing aspect of the company….. OR, you never have to spend a dime…. you can be a pure affiliate marketer and make extraordinary money as well.

You are able to withdraw the ROI on your investments every day. In the next year, USI-Tech will be implementing its own Crypto Exchange and Visa debit card.

When you search for USI-Tech you will find a lot of negative rants about the company which stem from its flawed beginnings. They were applicable prior to the restructure, but now that USI-Tech mining operations are visible on the Ethereum blockchain and soon on the Bitcoin blockchain, those criticisms are no longer applicable.

In my experience with USI-Tech since October 1 2017, have found only a visionary team, exceptional financial vehicle, and a highly connected community.


“Electric” Meg Montgomery is a Musician/Producer, award winning Multimedia Artist, Ethical Entrepreneur, Quantum Being, Educator & former Wall Street freelancer.


A vocal advocate for equality, she sees Bitcoin and the Blockchain as an extraordinary opportunity for the re-distribution and re-definition of global wealth.

She is currently presenting webinars – both live and online – to help people understand the dramatic changes happening in our economy.

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